‘ParticipART’ Evaluation meeting in Riga

La Candela Teatro y Comunidad
The Erasmus+, KA2 project “participART: ART AND CULTURE FOR YOUTH ENGAGEMENT IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES” has successfully concluded with an Evaluation meeting that took place in Riga (Latvia) from 3rd to 6th of December 2022.

This meeting was an opportunity for the project coordinators from 4 involved organizations to meet and evaluate the project and its results. Coordinators were coming from all 4 involved organizations: Fundación Splora (ES), La Candela Teatro y Comunidad (ES), Stranaidea (IT) and Kalnciema quarter (LV).

In the first morning, before starting the evaluation, project coordinators reconnected through games and activities and discussed what this project has changed in their lives and what impact it has left to each of participants. When the evaluation part started, organisations briefly reflected on what the project has given us by creating conceptual poetry, sculptures and even performance. Later organizations discussed and reflected on all the mobilities that had happened before, discussed the outcomes and made suggestions for the future. During lunch and coffee breaks participants got to visit newly renovated Agenskalns market building in Riga (this was also where the evaluation meeting took place) and had wonderful meals there. On the second half of the day local activities were discussed as well as impact and changes brought from the project. 

On the second day participants got into project’s management and partnership and discussed finances as well as dissemination. The final comments were made and group enjoyed free evening in Riga city centre, where they had lunch at local restaurant.

To finish the meeting, we were dreaming together about next steps and possible future collaborations. We feel ready to continue working with participation and ART and we are all so thankful to the amazing opportunity that participART KA2 project has been for all of us.

More info: participart.eu

This KA2 good practice exchange project is co – funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Seminar “The Community Within the Art”

This visit was divided into two parts. An implementation seminar, which means that we were going to put into practice everything we had seen and learned in the other mobilities, and a study visit to complete the one we did


Forum theatre

Within the framework of ‘ParticipART’ we reflect on our experience with forum theater.


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